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Produced by Tierney Allen, this a show that has never been imagined before. Two icons in their own right and separated by an untimely death, are women who have achieved notoriety in the music industry. In Lady Winehouse, you can experience the hits of the late Amy Winehouse, such as Back to Black and Rehab. Soon after, you can enjoy delicious jazz renditions of Lady Gaga's hits, such as Bad Romance and Poker Face.

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Two Icons - One Show

Aside from their uncanny resemblance - their love for jazz music ties the two together. While Amy was known for a soulful, R&B inspired approach to her jazz music, Lady Gaga finds her home within the Great American Songbook of jazz standards. Both women developed their jazz roots before ever becoming famous. 


Live Band

Las Vegas's best musicians come together to provide a live musical experience. No tracks - No lip syncing. Grab an old fashioned, sit back, and enjoy the plentiful saxophone solos while Tierney croons as Amy OR Gaga. 



Experience Amy

Gone too soon, so many people never had the opportunity to experience the soulful stylings of the late Amy Winehouse. Tierney brings her essence back to life, without the paparazzi fodder that plagued Amy's life. Tierney shows why Amy was and always will be a Legend. 


Rediscover Gaga

Known for her infamous meat dress, Lady Winehouse shows audiences that Lady Gaga is so much more than shock and awe. She was a jazz singer before she jumped into the pop world, monster claws first. As Tony Bennett once said, "Lady. You are a JAZZ singer.

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