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Virtual Shows and Shoutouts - Now Booking!

Wow, how the world has changed! It’s been incredible and heartbreaking to watch how the entertainment world has fallen during this truly difficult time in history. Luckily, the creativity of entertainers has never wavered and we have all found a way to bring entertainment home to people who still want to have fun!

First, I’ve been offering personalized shoutout videos through Cameo. It is such a wonderful site that connect fans with artists at very affordable prices.

To book your Cameo with Tierney, visit:

I am also now offering Zoom/Facetime show bookings. This is different than shoutout videos because you’re able to customize the performance with 2 full songs and a Meet & Greet chat session. Having completed multiple of these shows already, I have been able to develop a way of bringing the feel of Las Vegas straight to you through video conferencing.

To book your virtual show, email:

While we all can’t wait for everything to go back to normal, we are excited to know that entertainment has lived on and adapted to these changing times. People still want to feel joy through music and we are all so happy to bring that to your homes virtually!

Hope you all stay safe and healthy,

Tierney Allen

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